Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How about them apples?

Really. Has it been this long? I promise that I have a good excuse. Well, it's a good excuse in my head. To keep you interested... or maybe I already lost you during my blog-leave, I will just say that the dream is underway.

Stay tuned.

As for the Top 10? I am almost out of ideas. Generally, I am a 'Liker" not to be confused with a "Licker". So in order to pound the nail in on this one..... Here are my remaining TOP 3.

Where are the BOTTOM 3? I am tryin' to keep things positive.

#3 My new personal favorite. The Sweet Tango Apple. Sold in limited quantities for an insane price. These beauties were gone within a day at our house. It's better than the Honeycrisp. Need I say more?

#2 In honor of my wickedly awesome former boss {who totally left me} and wears insanely high heels despite the warnings of her doctor... Are you Gellin? Dr. Scholls inserts. Yes, she loves them.

#1 My Canon. OH how I love thee.... yes, I know, I already listed that on the Top 10. I don't care. It's my list.

Chow for now.

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