Friday, August 21, 2009

#3 Best and Worst

Wow, my blog is now my soapbox. Who would have thunk that Qwest would have employees patrolling the Internet for comments? Not sure what I think about that... Maybe their energy would be better spent on training their customer support staff? Just a thought. I will say that after a week of being hung up on, waiting for the service repair people, getting multiple answers to our problems.... they did pull through and set-up our highly complicated PHONE and Internet connection. Plus, we got a month free of service for our week of trouble. Thanks, Qwest!

So at the risk of being "googled" here is #3 Best & Worst.

#3 Best - Pandora!

No, not the charm bracelet. The FREE Internet radio station. Check it out
Love it. It is super easy to set-up (like less than 2 minutes). All you do is enter in a song or an artist and it starts playing songs you might like ... just like that! As songs play, you can either give it the Thumbs Up or Down. You can create multiple "radio stations". For example, I like country but sometimes I like Norah Jones type music. I have a radio station for both genres! Check it out. It's free. I love FREE.

#3 Worst - Do I dare?

Ok, this is a general one. Double Strollers. We have been through about 5 strollers and currently own two - a jogger and an "urban" stroller (that cost way too much money and is duct tapped together). I have yet to find a double stroller that works for walks and going out around town.

Since LP and LC are 3 now, I think we will just stick with what we got.

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  1. Qwest makes my head hurt...I've had a lot of issues with them this past week. Really, I was running from Comcast...Come on Qwest, help some sisters out.